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We are so glad that teh UK artist ZHE155 played the game for the interview of StreetLove.

For sure you have seen his work throughout the world, like in the UK, Paris, Sao Paulo… with his on-going series of sexy chinese girls. « Itz all about the Asian women!! »

© ZHE155
© China Girl by ZHE155


At the beginning, the artist used to paint graffiti under the name RECO but while he was staying in China he decided it was time for a change. So ZHE155 is a mixture of his chinese girlfriend’s name & where he was staying at the time.

We know is artwork through his paste-ups of very sexy chinese girls, but he began with Spray cans and marker pens. He has been involved in street art for 17 years.

© ZHE155

He had always worked alone, but now he has his own studio and shares it with a few other local street artists. So we can imagine he is part of a small crew that help each other out but he still tends to work on his own. For some reason, they haven’t chosen any name for their crew.

When ZHE155 is not doing street art, you can find him surfing, somewhere in the sun or drinking beer and relaxing!

He has been exhibited a few times, but he isn’t that keen on exhibitions at the moment, for him it’s all about getting his work out on the streets! And we love that!

StreetLove THE ART

His inspiration comes from asian girls in general and most of all his chinese girlfriend. His artistic references come from all that he can find on the streets…

© China Girl in red by ZHE155

At the age of 15, for his first street art piece, he remembered having tried to paint a real old dogtown skate bowl.

You can note the difference from his actual work now. His work can be fairly large but mostly lifesized, which is impressive.

He couldn’t tell us how many pieces did he put in the streets, but a large amount, he is sure.

It’s possible to find his artwork in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Ibiza, USA, Brasil, Cuba, Havana… He also thinks there are more but he can’t remember right now ?!?

He has many ideas for his next street art but he wouldn’t share with us… Oohh we’re so curious now!


He loves any support for street art: wall, sidewalk, shop windows, cars, trees, trains… he just loves getting his work up!

When he goes to paste, he never leaves without a Knife, a card, markers, spray cans, rolls of paper… and always music and beers!

In terms of music, he prefers listening to Reggae, Dub reggae, anything oldskool, underground/old garage. He also enjoys 80’s music unlike everyone else in his studio, « sorry guyz! » 😉

He prefers working with stencils which are mostly being pasted, to cut down time for being caught but he still does stickers, graff…

« If I’m pasting I can put up a piece in a matter of secondz! » and he takes as often as possible a photo in memory of all the street art he made. You can see all his work in his FlickR Gallery.

© ZHE155

He likes all colors but he doesn’t tend to bring too much into his stencil work. He works a lot with black and white, and puts something in relief like a dress in purple, red or whatever.

Last but not least, 3 things ZHE155 loves: « My girlfriend, street art of any kind and lazing in the sun! » Lucky you!

And 3 things he hates: « I’m not big on hate but I’m not so happy with the dudes who stole my car, I could hate on them if I ever catch up with them! »

© ZHE155

A message for StreetLove ?
« Keep up the good work!!!!!!! Peace. »

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