about streetlove team

A little update on StreetLove team and project

During the past few years we have been less involved in the street art industry because of many (good) reasons… but our passion is still alive! We always kept an eye on news and followed artists we know too.
We’ve been very busy and working full time on our professional projects and we are also blogging on a travel blog: ReverDailleurs.com which takes us a lot of time to update and last but not least, our family got bigger as well with the arrival of our wee girl end of 2018.

So here we are, back here and happy to share again with you all…
Ready to keep following the StreetLove adventure with us?

What is StreetLove.fr?

StreetLove project started early 2010… so 10 years ago this year in 2020!
This was my first blog (out of 4 in total now!)

One year after the launch, we celebrated our 1st anniversary with a first group exhibition in Febuary 2011, organized in Paris with 9 worldwide artists and we launched a mobile application available on both iPhone and Android devices.

StreetLove.fr is a showcase of street art and graffiti artists from all over the world and highlight their work with interviews, arty city guides, exhibitions reviews, and much more!

We kept on travelling, and each time we choose a country or city to visit, we try to find one where urban art is well developped. So we still take a lot of photos and our hard drives are full! That’s why we gonna publish more artistics trips here on StreetLove to make you travel with us and discover worldwide artists.

Let’s write the future of StreetLove together…

Who’s behind StreetLove?

Never leaving home without our cameras, we (Sandrine & Steve as a couple, now a family) decided to create the project StreetLove.fr to share our love for what we find in the streets, and the surprises she keeps.

With StreetLove, we want to share all the artists who brighten our days, (amusing since most of what we find is created in the dark….). It’s our way of saying thank you, thank you to all artists for the small moments of pleasure, due to your art. Perhaps most people pass the art on a daily basis without a thought… In any case, the art colors our walks, our visits, and our travels!

Sandrine works as a digital & CRM project director in various industries as a freelance now since 2016, and Steve is a professional photographer for 15 years, after having been a founding member of NZ rock band: Fur Patrol (#1 single / platinum album / 4 awards at the NZ music awards).
The name of the project came naturally as we both feel that the STREET is the place of expression and we LOVE walking and wandering around.

For us, the street loves the people who explore, she loves art in all its forms, the different modes of transport, the architecture, the vibrancy of life…

Everything happens in the streets, so let’s catch up down there 🙂