London street art hotspots

London street art tour

West London

Notthing Hill & Westbourne Grove areas

This area is mostly known for being a wealthy hood, and for the colourful painted houses. And this is true, the streets are very cleaned, and the houses all very cool in yellow, pink, blue and green. It gives a very joyful atmosphere and we loved wandered around it.
And surprisingly, we found a lot of street art pieces too. Not to mention a couple of Bansky, well preserved behind plexiglas! How funny…

North London

Camden Town

The area of North London is just completely crazy! You have to go to feel it.
It is very famous for the week-end markets where you can find nothing & everything… But I advise you to go during the week if possible – less touristy, and more grungy / rock’n roll locals will go on the streets, plus you will have time and space to visit at your peace and see a lot of street art pieces around. It is a good graffiti spot. Don’t hesitate to go up to Chalk Farm station and around, a couple of Bansky’s are waiting for you.

South London

Waterloo tunnel

Also known as the Banky’s tunnel – this area is a good and free place for graffiti – artists and murals are changing daily and it’s always very animated. It can look a little bit creepy at night or if you are on your own, so plan to head there during the day. And better with daylight to enjoy the artworks with a better « light » even if you’ll be under a tunnel hey. So definitely worth a visit.

Brixton Village

Brixton is a little bit outside of South London, so if you decide to head down there, make sure you have free time. It is a multi-cultural hood with a vibrant energy and an exotic touch that reflects the caribbean’s roots. Music scene is important there as well as art. We loved spending an afternoon there: having lunch in the covered market, wandering around, and taking photos of people and art pieces on the walls.
To mix a central visit with Brixton, head to the Borough Market for lunch and then you’ll find a bus going straight down to Brixton.

East London

When we visit London, it is pretty always we walk on the streets between rain and shine… but this makes the charm of the city.
The north-east is very lively and a rich area in terms of art. Street art & graffiti are therefore well represented. Note the hoods of Old Street, Brick Lane, Shoreditch… where you will be able to find some pieces by the artists: T.Wat, Fin barr, Mark Gmehling, Roa, Ben Slow, Stik, Otto Schade, …

Between Islington and Angel

This area would be the one I choose if I have to live in London. Totally fell in love at first sight… It is a very human size area with a very good mix between bars & restaurants, the access to the canal for nice walks, the artistic scene, the kid friendly places, charity shopping, …
Make sure to check out Pickering and Windsor Streets to find out Bambi artist artworks.

Brick Lane

London is very famous for street art and it’s easy to find out artworks from foreigners in the area of Brick Lane. We love walking both our cameras in hands, ready to capture a few photos. Everytime the spectacle is different, from artists we know to others we discover. From frenchies who came to visit to locals who animate the walls. Very interesting each time!
Brick Lane is a street where a big market takes place on sundays, and other days, just walk through it and the neighbourhood to find out a lot of street art and graffiti. You will find artists like: Thierry Noir & Stik, Jimmy C., Malarky, Roa, Shepard Fairey aka OBEY, Cranio, Dan Kitchener, Tant., Ben Eine the master of lettering, and others!

Make sure you go and visit the Truman brewery space where you will have a huge Banksy car, with D*Face and Ronzo by its side and then a huge Invader + Obey not far. Very cool and famous scene. A huge mural done by the portuguese artist Vhils too, in front of the main scene, next to Otto Schade at that time.


Shoreditch is really the place to hang out when you look for street art in London – not only for street art I should say but also for the energy and the cool places you can find.
It was very cool to see pieces of French artists there, like C215, Gregos, … and local ones as Finbarr Dac and Ben Slow, Stick, Christiaan Nagel, Banksy if you’re lucky enough, D*Face, Ronzo, Invader, Obey and more.
Nice to also see some Cranio artworks, a graffiti artist from Sao Paulo.

When you are almost at the end of Brick Lane (heading south London), make sure you take Fashion Street on the right, to check out what’s have been put on the walls, and walk towards Spitalfield market which is a very cool market to visit and also a good spot around there for artists: Finbarr, Ronzo, Obey, … and much more.

Old Street

Old Street is actually a good starting point to then head to Shoreditch area.
You arrive in this big round about and are welcomed by Otto Schade and Invader, … then Roa, and you go down Old St and Great Eastern Street and you will say « wow » a lot of times. Many many artists are painting there and the arty scene is changing very often with some pieces that last a long time.


Another north-east vibrant street art area… where you will also be able to hang out around Columbia Road flower market on sundays. Very nice to visit, have a coffee, go for antiques and check out artists work there.

A bit outside of London


Brighton can be compared to Deauville for parisian people. It’s the closest beach for londoners, and a very important street art scene too. It is an artistic place in general, with a great music scene too. We loved visiting this city, just one hour away from London by train (easy to reach).
The old city is very condensed with tiny streets and worth a visit.

To discover more about London, in terms of places to go, to eat, to visit, check out my 10 good reasons to fly to London, and my things to do in London! And enjoy 🙂

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