Otto Schade [itw]

Otto Schade

With the launch of the version number 3 of our website, we wanted to showcase new worldwide artists and the first to reply was the great Otto Schade that we met in London a couple of years ago. Well met – his art pieces on london’s walls. Steve was a fan as soon as he found the first artwork in Shoreditch area – our beloved London hood.

>> For more info about London, please check out: London arty hotspots


Otto Schade aka Osch as you can find as his signature below his artwork on the streets is from Chile, but lives in London.

He got that signature (Osch) since he started painting oil on canvases back
in 1997.
He has been involved in street art since 2009 and created his first piece at 38yo in London.

He started to create his pieces when he lost his job as an architect in London already. He is working on his own, never been involved in a crew and since then is a full-time artist as he has no time to work (as an architect).

To promote his work, he is using social media, so you can find him on:
– His website:
– Instagram: @otto_schade
– Facebook: Otto Schade – Osch
Otto Schade


StreetLove THE ART

To take his inspiration, he thinks about everything that amazes him, inspires him. No limit!
He already travelled the world to spread his art on many walls in the US and UK of course, as well as in Germany, Belgium, Chile his home country, Brasil, Japan, Kenya and Lebanon.
He actually can’t wait for the lockdown to end to be back on the streets and keep on painting.
Otto Schade


No matter the support, he paints / works on any type: directly on walls as well as on metal, wood and stuff and canvases.
He uses spray paint cans, acrylic and brushes to work on his art pieces.
Time to create a piece is relative to the size, type and condition.
Otto Schade
Otto Schade in Brixton, London

StreetLove THE FUN

To work, he never forgets to bring some weed with him, it helps 😉 and that’s maybe why he elected green (grass) as his favorite color.

To get to know him more personaly, he prefers music to movies, and listens to minimal electro house, blues and some rock n’roll. Such as Steve, here, ex rock n’roll electric guitar player in a famous NZ band.

3 things he loves in general: sea food, painting and freedom!
3 things he hates: arrogancy, greediness and big corporations.

StreetLove WHAT’S NEXT?

He has some big upcoming events: an online 30 pieces auction and then 3 walls to paint (2 in Croydon, London and 1 in Berlin, Germany). 

His message for the StreetLove team:
« Keep on doing what you are doing »