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StreetLove is very pleased to introduce you to the street artist FAKE, from Amsterdam!


FAKE started doing graffiti when he was 14, and for the last 4 years has been working with stencils.


When asked about the origins of his artist name, he said « Something that isn’t real, even if you want it to be real through wishful thinking. Lindsay Lohan’s boobs are totally fake »

He began creating street art after finding a small stencil on the streets of Amsterdam. « This completely changed my life. I started designing and cutting the same day and have never stopped doing it! I am now a fulltime artist. »

« My first stencil was at the age of 26 and I still have the original fake stencil »

© FAKE – « Painted on a rainy day »

FAKE works alone, but does occasionally work with other artists for shows, or live events.

In terms of other activities, FAKE is working on sculptures. « It’s a process that takes very long but I will make them public very soon! » Oh we are looking forward to seeing your sculptures, keep us updated!

He has exhibited all over the world, from Iran and Irak to London and Japan, and he is always open to exhibition proposals, group or solo.

StreetLove THE ART

His inspiration comes from his own life, or the people close to him…. « It might me a relationship ending in a bad way or the toys I played with as a little boy »

We asked what he remembered of his first piece of street art and yes he remembered it very well – « it was on a school yard and I did it at night. I was not so stressed about it as I am right now if I do it »

FAKE’s work comes in Large « It’s very hard to go bigger than that with stencils » and he has created over 100 different artwork.
« I have put maybe 80% on the streets » including in France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Indonesia, Thailand and Belgium…. « I might have missed a couple« , he told us.

Always full of inspiration for his next pieces, but with « Just so little time to do it all! »

FAKE works both in single pieces and in series.


His favorite artwork support is Brick wall! « That is just the best! » and in terms of timing…. »It depends on the work, but if it is legal it can take 5 hours. If it is illegal it will take only 2 or 3 minutes »

To go to ‘work’, he brings bags and bags of cans. « I can never make a choice what colours to take with me. So I almost take them all! »

But he always forgets to bring something to drink… But people are nice and get him some 😉 Lucky you!


His favorite colors are orange and purple, and he listens to a wide selection of music, from « classic tunes to techno brum and base and pop« .

He only takes a photo of his finished work if he is happy about how it looks.


3 top thinks FAKE loves: Smoking, beer and spraypaint!
Whereas he doesn’t like: the rain and cold – « I need some sunshine to paint on the streets! »

He have loads of shows coming up! So check his website www.fakestencils.com and his FlickR account for news!

A message for StreetLove ?
« Keep up the great work!« 

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