Berlin street art hotspots

In Europe, Berlin is a must-go and see in terms of street art. Before London even?! Depending on what type of art and vibes you’re looking for… as to know both, there are two cities to visit! Here we love London, and we less enjoyed berlin on a touristic point of view. Art on the streets is crazy, unbelievable and we really enjoyed it. But visiting the city was not such a pleasure. And we went to or 3 times… each time same conclusion.

Anyway… let’s walk through this huge city to discover which artist you will find! Get prepared with good shoes, you gonna walk, a lot – A LOT !

Mitte – city center

In this area, you will find some cool spots around Alexanderplatz and then we advise you to head to a nice coffee place named Coffee Cinema. A very pleasant place to take a coffee or a hot chocolate in winter though. There is also a terrasse where you can go by taking the little street just next door. You will find a huge street art spot. Some walls are very messy, but you will see some great pieces by El Bocho & Little Lucy, Jace, … and also Ella & Pitr, Tona, Miss Van and much more!

Still in the Mitte area, you had the Tacheles huge building – the oldest squat in Berlin, occupied from 1990 to 2012 by artists – a bit like ‘Les frigos’ in Paris. But the place have been destroyed since by the governement.

Friedrichshain district

The Berlin Wall is also called the « East Side Gallery » which represents the most important remnant of the Berlin Wall with its 1.3 kilometer along the Mühlenstrasse street. Since January 1990, 118 artists from 21 countries have painted this huge mural, on the east side of the remaining Berlin Wall. All artists have worked with the common goal of expressing a message of peace after WW2. Most of the artworks were renovated by the artists themselves in 2009 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

That’s the longest part of the Wall still accessible in Berlin.
The 1st piece was painted by Christine Mac Lean in December 1989, directly after the wall fell down.

In July 2006, to allow the access to the Spree in front of the O2 World, under construction, 40 meters of the wall have been cut and put more on the West side. So if you go further down, towards hotel Nhow (famous for its huge graffiti mural), there were (during our visit) some others pieces exhibited, which have been painted by great artists like Kouka, Miss Van, … Better to see in photos!

Another cool place to visit, for a drink, to chill or simply to check out some cool art is the outdoor bar Le Yaamone of the oldest one of the oldest beach bar of Berlin, and one of the most famous too with its cool vibes – family friendly and jamaïcan ambiance guaranted! Oh and you will walk in sand… a real beach bar, without the ocean!

We knew the area of Friedrichshain was full of great street art and graffiti so we walked a lot around it, testing some good coffee shops around too and doing a bit of shopping. Simple, when the streets are full of cool creators shops and coffee places, there are also good art on the walls!
See below what we randomly found:

Kreuzberg district

Another huge area for artists, is Kreuzberg. Same here, we had no idea where to go so we walk and walked again… sometimes in places where we found nothing… and other places full of things. Check out the areas of Schelessisches park, Revaler Strasse, Kjosk beer garten, …
ON a general way, we found loads of tiny black stencils, stickers, and writings… like everyone is saying something on any wall. Which is cool in some way, and messy on others 😉

Prenzlauer Berg district

Another area pretty big in terms of art, and here again you can walk a lot without finding antything and miss a lot of your day. Berlin city is huge! NOt like Paris where you can walk between 2 or 3 metro station. No there, better is to ride a bike or take the metro, even for one stop… and mostly because you will often don’t find anything interesting between these two metro stops (so get tired for nothing too)…

Make sure you check out Maeurpark and around and then Kastanien allee for more Little Lucy by El Bocho, Alias, …

What are your recommandations in terms of art to check out in Berlin? (locations and local artists not to miss)

To discover more about Berlin, in terms of places to go, to eat, to visit, check out my 10 good reasons to fly to Berlin, and my things to do in Berlin!
Enjoy 🙂