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Animus played the game of the StreetLove interview. This stencil artist is from Italy. He chose Animus as his artist name because it has got a psychological root, the term « Animus » was created by C.G.Jung.

He has been involved in this kind of art since 2010, starting somehow by fortuity and somehow by curiosity after having seen a single layer stencil on a wall.

At that time, he was doing his art by himself, but « I’d like to join the fruits of this passion with someone else« .

Doing street art is only a hobby for him, he was an University student.

To promote his artwork, he chiefly uses FlickR and the social networks.

© Helena by Animus

StreetLove THE ART

« I mainly work on wood (mdf), plexiglass or metal. The inspiration to create a stencil arises in me from the sensations that the image I’m looking at, gives to me: sensations related both to the esthetical beauty and to the capacity that image has to make me feel positive emotions »

He already created about 40 pieces that you can find mostly in Italy, but as well as in Paris and Sao Paulo: this last two cities reached thanks to Urbanhearts’ project called « Street Art Without Borders« .

Furthermore in a short time some copies of his stencils will be pasted in Manchester (England).

« My works are not connected one with another. At the moment I’m working on an eight layer stencil »

His preferred street art theme is represented by people (or part of people), animals and even surreal creatures, but always something « alive » or something in which he can feel life, something able to make him feel that « warmth » that only life can provide.

In terms of tools, he uses gloves, mask, sheet’s layers and spray cans.

« I like to keep a record of each work I realize, therefore I take a picture of every piece »

© Seppuku by Animus

StreetLove THE FUN

« There’s no colour I prefer to any other, though lately I do like very much the red colours »

His favorite films are thrillers, especially the ones of psychological contents: « for example in the last years I appreciate very much movies with DiCaprio with Scorsese as director »

3 things Animus loves in general: the mutual understanding, a warm coffee and his girlfriend.

3 things he hates: the society he’s living in, the abuse of power over every living thing and Mr. Berlusconi.

© Pier Paolo Pasolini by Animus

A message for the StreetLove team?
« Thanks for your kindness and for the space offered to me to express my opinion, it has been a pleasure!« 

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