Street art tour in Lille

Lille one day, Lille forever…
We went back to Lille at th beginning of April to see if walls were changed! Last time we visited this city was for the opening days of artists’ workshop, and the occasion for us to meet MiMi the Clown and The Dude Company !
This urban tour was very rich in terms of street art!

> Nice painted walls:
With a whole builing painted by Monsieur Cana (Graffiti artist since 1991 / ALP crew – ANTI LE PEN in Lille- France) & IPNSone

Monsieur Cana & IPNSone
Monsieur Cana & IPNSone
Monsieur Cana & IPNSone
Tob (?) - A flower on the walls

> More MiMi the Clown, between carrots and ax :

MiMi the ClowN
MiMi the ClowN

Find more photos of MiMi the ClowN by clicking here !

> And pieces of The Dude Company:

The Dude Company

Find more photos of The Dude Company by clicking here!

> A character of Jef Aerosol, used by the time, but we’re glad to have found it:

Jef Aerosol

> And a pixel art by the artist Oré:


> Some shoeffiti everywhere in the city (with true or false shoes by the way):

Shoeffiti by Skewville

We really enjoyed our street art tour through the city of Lille, North of France, we walked a lot, our feets hurt at the end but was a pleasure to find a lot of pieces.

We had a good artistic week-end!


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  1. Pour info, les chaussures sont de Skewville :

    1. 100driiine a dit :

      Merci beaucoup pour ce complément d’info 😉

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