Google street art project

Google Street Art project

Street art is by nature a ‘non permanent art form’ that can be removed in a couple of minutes only. It can also last longer. I would say: depending on the city you are. I was amazed that in Melbourne (Australia), pieces last for years and years. So it’s true that it generally depends on the city and the culture of the country you are in.

More than 5k art pieces have been photographed in high resolution by Google for the Street Art Project. In Paris, Bogota, New-York, Lisbon… everywhere where street art is, Google went to take photos and record memories of all pieces artists have been putting all over the world.
Thousands of graffiti, and street art pieces are now archived by the Google Cultural Institute who just released the project online.

The aim is pretty clear, to keep memory of all part pieces done on the streets, as most of the cases, they don’t last forever. Good idea.

An easy-to-use map has been developed to allow people to localize the most beautiful graffiti artworks all over the world. But it is also possible to search by ‘artist’ or by ‘collection’. All photos have a legend that can be very useful to know the name of artists.

Parisian people will be able to recognize ‘Tour Paris 13’ that has been destroyed last April 2014 – we are talking about this tower project here: xxxxx
So our French capital and suburbs count 23 pieces recorded by the Street Art Project – can e better I guess… Come on Google!

For more info, follow the hashtag: #streetArtProject on social networks and look online at the website:

The website is built according 6 themes that are:

1. Discover Google street art project
2. Travel the world with Google maps
3. Get into street art hot spots with Street View
4. Listen to artists interviews and galleries testimonials
5. Come and look closer to street art pieces
6. Witness the street art pieces you find, and share them via #streetartproject

Google Street Art project map

To conclude, it is a nice idea to keep a memory of artwork that disappear too quickly – I take the exemple of the crazy project for the Tower Paris 13 which was demolished a few months after all the amazing work done by artists!