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The German artist Mittenimwald, from Hamburg was interviewed by StreetLove and we are glad to show off his beautiful artwork.

He told us the story about his artist’s name: in German there is an adage, « den wald vor lauter baeumen nicht sehen », which means: « not to see the wood for the trees ».

« There was a point in my life, I lost my job and I didn’t know what I should do. So I stood in the middle of the forest and I couldn’t find my way ». Middle of the forest, in German translation means: « mitten im wald » like mittenimwald.

He’s now involved in street-art for 3 years, and he began with stickers. He thinks that he began with street-art too old.

He’s not related to a crew, he always works alone as a full-time artist.

He has exhibited in galleries such as at the « Halb acht Gallery » in Hamburg, at « atm gallery » in Berlin – all in Germany.



StreetLove THE ART

His inspiration comes from the fact he worked a long time in advertising agencies. There, he learnt to influence people. « My inspirations are aggressive advertising, provocation and punk ».

He is not working so much in the streets, he prefers working in his small garage, so more on canvas and other supports. He already created more or less, over 100 pieces.

But it’s possible to find his pieces in the streets thanks to the great project of UrbanHearts called « Street-art without borders », who pasted almost 20 pieces of Mittenimwald over the world.

Mittenimwald has not a precise idea of his next piece at the moment. He did many nude girls and skulls in the last few months, so now he is searching for something new… To follow!


Regarding street-art style, he likes stencils, collages and stickers ; and about the theme, he prefers working on people and text.


His favorite support is walls, when he works in the streets.

To work, he uses a knife, spray-cans, rolls of paper and wood.

To realize a piece, he needs a day, a month, even a year and longer if it requires.


StreetLove THE FUN

He is always listening to music when he works such as indien punk or singersongwriter music.

He loves black color!

3 things he adores: his family, to cut and music.
3 things he hates in general: envier, crabber and politiker!

A message for the StreetLove team?
« Don’t look after somebody say, find your own way ».


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  1. Mittenimwald is a unique artist with the choice of inconography mixing religious symbols with punk style and nudity. Explosive combination !
    The choice of his paper is also important in his work : he uses a yellowish old paper which adds to the feeling of timeless piece of art.
    I pasted around 35 different pieces in mostly Paris (20 at least), Sao Paulo, Naples and Cuba. And much more to come…

  2. it should also be mentioned that the picture used by streetlove on the top of the homepage is a detail of a Mittenimwald piece which was pasted for street art without borders on St Merri’s door.

  3. […] certains artistes ont été collés plusieurs fois dont ZHE155 (UK – presque 70 fois), Mittenimwald (Allemagne – plus de 40 fois), Tony (USA – 36 fois), […]

  4. Mittenimwald is a very nice guy as well as being a top talented artist. We have the pleasure to exhibit one of his piece at our Pin-Up exhibition in the UK and we will show it in NYC. Mittenimwald deserves a much larger group of afficionados…

    1. 100driiine a dit :

      Sure, I totally agree with you, we love his artwork! And we wish him all the best for his upcoming exhibitions 🙂

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