Melbourne Fitzroy #1

First day in Melbourne, Australia, we decided to fight against the jet lag walking in the city and finding street art around the area of Fitzroy.

Steve remembered that Fitzroy was the place to be in terms of street art and graffiti. And he was right, but 6 years after, it’s amazing how the city changed! Graffiti is now everywhere, at every street corners, we were on the edge of overdose!

We went there for 2 days, and we haven’t seen everything yet!

Here are a few photos of the pieces we found, and the artists we recognised:

Melbourne street art
Suki - Melbourne street art
Melbourne street art
Ghostpatrol - Melbourne street art
Melbourne street art
Form - Melbourne street art
Be Free - Melbourne street art
Be Free - Melbourne street art

Bonus: Melbourne is a proud city about its coffee, so if you want to share that pleasure with street artists, I advise you to go to Juddy Roller which is a place surrounded by street art pieces! Fitzroy is definitely a dynamic art scene.

Makatron @ Juddy roller, Melbourne
Makatron @ Juddy Roller, Melbourne
Artiste "He is" @ Juddy Roller, Melbourne
Artist "Ears" @ Juddy Roller, Melbourne
@ Juddy Roller, Melbourne
Artist? @ Juddy Roller, Melbourne
Phibs @ Juddy Roller, Melbourne
Phibs @ Juddy Roller, Melbourne

Juddy Roller
Corner Johnston and Chapel Streets
Fitzroy, Melbourne
Open from Monday to saturday, from 8am to 4pm

Edit: A huge thank to Peter who gave us all the artists name showed in this article!
Find his portfolio on FlickR here:

5 commentaires

  1. […] ! Des oeuvres partout, à tous les coins de rues, avec un premier résumé publié sur StreetLove : balade street art à Fitzroy et découverte des premiers artistes du […]

  2. Très riche et varié! Impressionnant!

  3. Dis donc, vous en prenez plein les yeux! J’aime beaucoup!! Et dire que ce n’est que le début!! 😉

  4. hello, and welcome to our shores!
    regarding the credits:
    pic 1 – be free, she has a site on Facebook
    pic 2 – done from Iran – this was done in 200b and there are still a couple around – he is on flickr, and has a nice stencil in bellevile,
    pic 3 – suki – she has a site on Facebook
    pic 4 – ghostpatrol, he has a site on flickr
    pic 5 – form, i think he is inactive, but this is at least 8 years old
    also, the artist « he is », is actually ears, but obviously our accent is a hard one to decipher at times.
    love your work, and let me know if you want me to give you some more tips as to where to get the best street art in this city.

    1. 100driiine a dit :

      Hi Peter, thanks a lot for your visit and comment!
      I updated the artists names, and I added a link to your FlickR 😉
      Are you part of our Group on FlickR? Your name rings a bell…
      Of course we would love to know more about Melbourne Street Art, let’s meet!

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