Blooming Bridge yarnbombing

The movement of graffiti artists, dubbed ‘Yarn bombers‘ have abandoned spray cans in favour of knitting needles and wool.

Indeed, you can see a lot of that kind of knit graffiti in the city and I love this idea.

That makes the world softer…

Then, yesterday we went off Flinders Street station to have a nice drink with the sunset, and we saw from a distance a bridge with knitting on it… So we decided to head that bridge.

I think that the installation has been organised by Yarn Corner on the 6th of November 2011. The event was called the Blooming Bridge Project and a lot of yarn bombers took part of it.

Yarn corner melbourne yarn bombing

A huge part of the Southgate Footbridge has been decorated with knitting by (from the artists I saw…):

Yarn Revolt on from Indiana, USA
Twilight Taggers on or their Blog: or even on FlickR
Yarn Stormer
Pebble on
Poppy Tonka on

Here are a few photos of the project:

Blooming Bridge project melbourne

Blooming Bridge project melbourne

Blooming Bridge project melbourne

Blooming Bridge project melbourne

I hope it will last a long time because it’s really great to have that kind of art in the city. That adds color in everydays life!

When we arrived in Melbourne, the first yarn bombing piece we saw was a bike in Fitzroy area:

yarn bombing on a bike melbourne

I hope we will see a lot more as I really enjoy yarn bombing!

If there is any mistake in that article, or if you want to ass som info, please feel free to use the comment section!

4 commentaires

  1. Hi there.
    Thanks so much for the lovely write up. We’re so glad you like our work.
    Oh and just to let you know some corrections: it is Twilight Taggers not Jaggers and Poppy Tonka not Pappy.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Ditto! Thanks so much for the wonderful story and shout out to Yarn Revolt! 🙂

  3. 100driiine a dit :

    @ Bali : Thanks a lot for your visit and for your info! I updated the article… (sorry for the mistakes)

    @ Stacie : Thanks to you to color our streets! Love it 😉

    @ Traci : we found others artists on the streets yesterday, like a mice in the CBD, so cool 😉

  4. If you want to see more yarn bombs Brunswick is very well covered 🙂

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