Manyoly [itw]

Manyoly graffiti Marseille

During our last walk in Paris le Marais, we randomly found a beautiful art piece on a wall and loved it at first sight. I did not know who was the artist though but still took a photo in memory. Once back home, I forgot, and I connect to Instagram (@streetlove) and in my feed appears a photo of the quite same art piece I found earlier. Randomly! So I was able to recognize the artist name and to name it in my live story – I’m grateful to social media and to Manyoly – the artist – who replied saying ‘thanks, cool’. We got in contact and I have the pleasure to tell you more about her as she agreed to play the game of our interview. Happy!

Manyoly graffiti Paris

Let’s start with a couple of facts she told us.


Manyoly graffiti Marseille

Manyoly is a french self-taught artist who lives in Marseille, down the south of France and she’s involved in street art for almost 4 years. She picked up her artist name, back to the MSN era when she needed a nickname to register online. She mixed up her name with her first lover (at this time) and here she goes with Manyoly!

Her first piece was put up on the streets at the age of 24 and she was so shy and scared to get in trouble with the Police. She knew nothing about street rules at that time. Now, she feels better with it, she paints whenever she can and also pastes original painting done on paper to be quicker in action. To mention, she is not using spray cans, she only paints with brushes so it takes a little longer to do a piece so that it looks finished and nice.

Most of the time, she is working on her own, but sometimes collaborates with some artists friends.

Manyoly graffiti Bordeaux

She is fully living out of her art and describe it as « paradise! » When she is not creating, she is doing artworks for galleries through Paris, London and further away even.
She has already exhibited in a gallery – many times and even has a few permanent shows in Marseille, Paris and London. She also showcased her paintings in Montreal (Canada), Barcelona (Spain), and in some smaller cities in France too.

To promote her artwork, she uses:
A website: – an Instagram account : (don’t forget to mention her when you find a piece) and her Facebook page:
So go now and connect to this great artist!

StreetLove THE ART

Manyoly graffiti Marseille

She is mostly painting faces and women’s faces. Her main inspiration comes from women in her first circle, women crossed down the streets, women she knows or she met when travelling, … Any women is a good inspiration!
She was not living in Marseille at that time, but decided to test her skills on Marseille streets while discovering this great and arty city! She found it very easy in Marseille, maybe coz some districts are pretty open to the artistic scene – I’m thinking about Le Panier right now… but maybe it was not there she first pasted an art piece. Anyway, Marseille is a very cool city for artists if you haven’t been, please plan a trip soon!

When she travels, she never forget to bring all her materials to paint – painting is a real passion. And she has left some traces everywhere she went, all over the globe – in 12 different countries to be more precise!

We are in the confidence that she gonna travel through Belgium, Croatia and Spain next september (2018) so she advises us all to keep our eyes opened as there will be an explosion of colors coming up!!


In terms of support, she does not have a preference in particular, it changes a lot, depending on her mood – sometimes she prefers painting on walls directly, sometimes more ideas and inspiration come on canvas, … but she found a new great support and is excited about working on metal. She started a year ago with small pieces, and is doing bigger ones now as she feels confident with the support and loves the cool contrasts she gets with colors and the support itself.
To paint, she only uses her brushes, and her fingers too… So a good advice would be – don’t be afraid to get a little dirty as an artist!

Manyoly graffiti

StreetLove THE FUN

Difficult to choose her top 3 best colors but she decided to go with turquoise, fuschia, and purple!

She keeps a memory of all the pieces she has done on the streets, and each year – as she looks very well organized – she releases a photo book with them all.

She is more into music and listens to sad melodies and classic piano, rather than watching movies.

3 things that she loves: her lover, food and paint (humm all right, food is before paint, I note!)
3 things she hates in general: people who throw their garbage on the ground (and cigarettes are garbage!), cinnamon, and lights in her face in the morning!

Manyoly graffiti

Thanks Manyoly, it has been a pleasure to showcase your work and your good energy through this interview! Keep up the great work 😉