Le Havre & Gouzou hunt

Gouzou by Jace Le Havre

We first heard about the graffiti artist Jace when we are on the Reunion Island, where he now lives. We hunted his little orange character – Gouzou – all over the island. It was more than a hunt, a game or even a necessity. He had to find one or more everyday and everywhere we were going to! (Our first article available here: Gouzou).
Then he came in Paris and we were so happy to find Gouzou on our walls… He made me smile to hard! We are simply in love with him 🙂

Jace is actually born and raised in Le Havre before leaving for the sunny island life. To celebrate the 500th years anniversary of the city, it is quite normal for him to be involved in the artistic projects.

Gouzou has no eyes and no smile but he is so realistic. I can imagine his reaction depending on which situation Jace paints him. His style and message reflect his multi-cultural side, his travel addiction and his yearning to share. We can even say that Gouzou is a real cheeky-monkey but always with a sense of tolerance.

So note that Gouzou is back in town, in Le Havre and the hunt is definitely open. Since 25th of June, 51 Gouzous have been painted around the city and people are called to find them and play a little competition.

Gouzou hunt in Le Havre by Jace

For all new Gouzou found, people have a take a selfie with the artwork to share the photos on social networks with the hashtag #CatchMeIfYouSprayCan and the tag @uneteauhavre and of course to collect the 51 of them.
The first to find the total collection to submit to the tourism Board will win a very nice gift: an original artwork from Jace. The next 15 to find the most paintings will win a print signed by the artist.
The contest will end on 1st October, 2017 so good hunting everyone, and good luck!

Information here: www.uneteauhavre2017.fr/jace

On our side, during a wee week-end, we only found 8 pieces and saw 10 in total. Yes some of them are very well hidden and hard to catch up when you first see them. So we know where they are but we have to search how to go and to take a photo. And I think we are out of the competition already as we were so excited when we first find one that we missed taking our selfie with our beloved Gouzou… Ahhh shame on us!

Gouzou hunt in Le Havre by Jace

Anyway, it was a very nice week-end, and we really liked Le Havre. It was our first visit and certainly not our last. If you plan to go there, I can recommend you the Nomad Hotels, very well located ate the way out of the train station and 15 minutes walk from the city center (or 5 mins by tram).

Let us know if you have any questions, and where you are in your Gouzou hunt!

And one, not in competition, or better ‘plenty of them painted on a bus! The photo is blurry coz I saw it for a distance and in a hurry but you get the idea…

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