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Spider tag


SPIDERTAG is spanish, living in Madrid and doing yarn stuff, since the European spring of 2008, at the age of 24. The artist used to be a fan of Spiderman when he was a kid.

Spider tag

« Thinking of being a superhereo was always in my mind. So, when I started to do things in the street, I felt like an antiheroe doing illegal stuff, being wild rocking the city. The power of geometrical yarn! »

In terms of street art, SpiderTag is working on Yarn bombing. Geometrical and abstract art. He began to be involved in urban art with a spray can, as many others.

Spider tag

« I started working in a crew. Then I discovered that being a lonely wolf is better to increase your skills. Usually I go out with friends, who take pictures, film or just share life with me »

When he is not doing street art, he works as a journalist and he does photos too.

Would you be interested in exhibited in a gallery?

I’m not particularly interested in working in a white immaculate place. My art needs abandoned places. I’ve got some ideas to do for galleries, but it can’t be doing the same as in the streets, cause it´ll not have sense. Street art is freedom, it’s illegal.

I only like galleries who understand the steet art world. If not, they are just another brick in the art market. It’s really difficult to find one or a Gertrude Stein »

To promote his art, SpiderTag uses a Flickr account: www.flickr.com/photos/spidertag and a video page: www.vimeo.com/spidertag

StreetLove THE ART

« Canvas is boring. I prefer materials recycled from the streets.
Abandoned is the place for a spider to do his job

SpiderTag takes in inspiration from the place – It’s what takes more time to find.

Do you remember your first street art?
I was exciting, cause I was doing something that I did not know the result…

His artwork is more size M & L – and he thinks that’s not a matter of size. « You see many times people taking huge effort for being so big, that they lose their way. They do shit, crap big shit. But big! »

Spider tag

How many pieces of art have you put in the streets?
MmMmmm, don´t know. But this year I´m working so hard, that I´m doing a lot, in different cities, towns, etc. I´m really hiper-productive. Love that!

He did a lo of artworks, in a lot of cities. A lot. He loves to travel. He found since last year, that towns with 0 living people is a lovely place for him. Urban abandoned life, with no roof on houses. Ohhh, amazing!

A next project would be to create a movie of his trips around abandoned towns and places.


SpiderTag’s favorite support is wood – like knocking on wood. And for this, he uses nails, hammer, scissors and yarn 100% wool…

As I said, it’s not too much to create the artwork. What take me most, days, weeks, luck! Is to find the correct place. And then, the magic, appears.

Any artistic (or streetart) tips you can tell us?
Don’t do it at home! Just go out!

Spider tag

StreetLove THE FUN

To work on his artistic projects, he never forgets to bring a few drinks, drugs and love!

His favorite color is bright blue.

His artistic references is Daniel Johnston definitely, he is obsessed with him.

He prefers movies to music, and loved the 3 last movies he saw: Howl, Bustin’ down the door and Somers town.

Do you take a photo in memory of all street art you have made?
I have more than 19.000 pictures

3 things that SpiderTag loves in general: Ruins, houses without roofs and sexy walls.
3 things he hates: Fake people, Catholic Church. and Shit’s jobs!

Spider tag

StreetLove WHAT’S NEXT?

Always producing. Always on the run. Always updating!

A message for the StreetLove team?
Keep on loving the streets vandals!