QRadio by Sweza

QRadio is the latest QRT project by SWEZA, it’s an audio-visual paste up in the streets of Berlin, there are 5 tracks so far and more to come…

So we contacted the artist to know more about this project we find very interesting!
Sweza is initially a street artist who started doing graffiti in 1990. You can see some of his old Styles here: www.sweza.com
Sweza created the QRadio project, just for fun!

What is QRadio?
QRadio is a free, non commercial art project, an audio-visual paste up in the streets of Berlin. It’s meant to be a free radio to spread unknown artists music.

There are illustrations of Boom Boxes all over Berlin that contain a QR Code that links to Videos of Audio Tapes that contain different songs. You just have to scan the code with a Smartphone (Flashcode app on iPhone, for example), load the video and insert the Audio Tape into the Boom Box 😉
Now you can listen to the song!
Sweza is planning to do this project open source soon and to offer the files for download on his website so that everybody can paste QRadios in their cities.

Photos are always better to understand, so:
Step 1 – Find a Boom boxe pasted on the streets, and pull out your phone

Qradio project by sweza
QRadio - Step 1

Step 2 – Turn on your phone and you Flashcode app, and scan the 2D code

QRadio - Step 2
QRadio - Step 2

Step 3 – Load the video and insert the Audio Tape into the Boom Box. You’re done! Easy!

QRadio project - Step 3
QRadio project - Step 3

Final step – Enjoy the music!

QRadio project - Enjoy the music

If you still don’t get it, check out the video… and then run on the streets to find one!

[vsw id= »pSkAzU5Q2fg » source= »youtube » width= »525″ height= »440″ autoplay= »no »]

Sweza really loves innovations in street art and he likes to surprise people. So here is such a crazy project!
« Today street art is so obviously striking that I want the beholder to strain harder to reach my art. In the first place, QRadio just seems to be a regular past up like thousand others but if you search you will find the secret within the piece »

What kind of music people can listen to?
All the music featured on QRadio is by friends of Sweza that he really loves listening to. They are all not very famous!
But that maybe a new way to promote music artists… Let’s see!

Sweza gets his inspiration from all kinds of things. In the street art scene he really likes the innovators unfortunately there are not so many: like The Wa, Brad Downey, Spy and Joost Goudriaan just to mention a few.
« I also think that most of the people doing ‘Street Art’ today are actually doing ‘Street Illustrations’ ; I like that too but we should start to call that what it is – Street Illustrations »

Where can we find the QRadio project?
Berlin, sure where the project started, but also now in Bologna, Italy and you can find a few in New-York (thanks to a collaboration with www.StreetsWorth.com). Photos coming soon on his website…

What’s next?
« I have some other projects in the planning but I don’t like to talk about them if they are not finished yet »

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Have you heard about this before? What do you think?
And Sweza, when will you head to Paris?