In the « pixel art » familly, we’re asking for OAKONE…


OAKONE is a graphic designer but he also works in cinema as a deco assistant. Through his studies, people he met, influences by graffiti… he created his universe.
It’s possible to find his artwork in the streets of Paris, but not only as the artist is travelling a lot.
He is working on ceramic of Sèvres, giving a strong meaning to his pieces, that you can see on the photos below:

Barracuda dans "Agence tous risques"

He is exhibiting at the Duboys gallery in the Marais, which put his artwork in parallele with the photographer Audrey Zaouri.

For more ifo about OAKONE, check out his website!
For more photos of pieces we found in the streets, check out his photo gallery!

Rue du Roi doré - 74003 Paris

OAKone and Audrey Zaouri
Until the 14th of May
@ Galerie Duboys
6 rue des Coutumes St Gervais
75004 Paris