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xguix is a graffiti artist from Brazil, in São Paulo.
His artist name comes from the letters “gui” which are the first three letters of his name, this is simple.

He is involved in street art since 2007, he started very late, but he doesn’t have time to stop. He was very interested in doing graffiti when he was in college, and him and his friend « verde » decided to do some works on the streets, so they bought some cans and they did some ugly letters around xguix neighbourhood. Since that, they never stopped.

He doesn’t have a crew, but he used to paint a lot with « verde », but nowadays he is in Florida, and he paints a lot with other friend called « chilli ». But honestly he tries to paint with everybody, any kind of style, the graffiti fun for him is to paint different walls and meet new graffiti artists.

© xguix & Cranio

xguix is not only a graffiti artist, he works as a graphic designer and he is a photographer too.
He has had two solo exhibitions, the first in « Vegas Club » located on Augusta Street, the most famous street in São Paulo. The second one was in « Praga Club ». Besides this, he participates in some collective exhibitions too.
To promote his work, he uses two FlickR accounts: one for the graffiti stuff, and one other for the photos.
He also has a Tumblr Blog and a portfolio.

StreetLove THE ART

He did some works on canvas, some wood that he found on the streets, on skate shapes, « it’s nice to experiment different supports. I like to experiment in every support »

« My inspiration came sometimes how I’m feeling in the moment, or something that I see on my city, on the streets or about the society in general »
His drawings works in a series, but his graffiti works alone, cause he draw a lot of series of drawings, but he put just a few on walls.
What is your preferred street art style? « For sure, is graffiti, with no doubt »
Talking about street art theme, he loves skulls, « kind of addicted »

© xguix


He really likes to do walls, he did a car a past time and it was very nice, and lately I did a freight train and he liked it very much too. « I guess I like all supports »
To work he uses cans and latex paint.

Any tip to tell us? « Find your own style! »

StreetLove THE FUN

He used to listen music, but nowadays he only listens to the sound of streets, he brings his pack of cigarettes and other cigarette.

His favorite colors are: black, purple and green.
He never leaves without his camera. And he also takes pictures about the environment where he’s doing the graffiti.

xguix loves 3 things in particular in life: his girlfriend, graffiti and the green one.

© xguix

A message for the StreetLove team?
I’d like to thanks a lot the StreetLove team for the support and the opportunity. And YOU, who is reading the interview, thanks for your attention!

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  1. Galo a dit :

    Xguix Rules !! i saw some graffiti´s of him when i go to work on Cambuci District!

  2. 100driiine a dit :

    Yes it’s very cool to promote his work on StreetLove!

  3. Verde a dit :

    Heeey, i miss my brother, but he is going very nice in your job.

    Good Lucky forever brow.
    See you man, IN ORLANDO!!!! LoL

    Peace and a big hug.

  4. Les tweets qui mentionnent Interview de xguix, artiste graffiti de Sao Paulo | StreetLove -- Topsy.com a dit :

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  5. Yeeeeep… I’m so proud of my artist!
    Great baby, u rock!


    *congrats to streetlove!!! Dope site!

    1. 100driiine a dit :

      Hey thanks for your visit on StreetLove.fr 🙂
      And glad you like our website! Have a great day!

  6. The french public can see two pieces by XguiX pasted recently :
    one in Bagneux :
    and one in the Halles area :

    Great interview !

  7. 100driiine a dit :

    Merci Eric pour tes infos !

  8. Thanks all! love you!

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