Jotape Pax [itw]

JOtape Pax


Jotapê Pax, another brazilian artist is planning a trip to France very soon, to paint and to meet artists here, one good reason to promote his artwork before he arrives!

He is from Porto Alegre in Brazil.
Jotapê or JP are the first letters of his name. PAX is the name of his crew, and signifies « peace » in latim.

JOtape PAX

He began street art at 16 years old. Now he has been involved in street art and graffiti for 11 years.
« I got so curious. Looking at the graffiti and stencils that I saw on the streets. I attended some events related to urban culture and decided that this was what I wanted for me »

It was then that he decided to live from his art and to get involved in his artistic work more deeply.

Actually, he works in a group studio, the Núcleo Urbanóide, along with five other artists. Also his original crew PAX follows his saga in the streets.

Thanks to his artwork, he has had projects of design and architecture. He also did advertising campaigns and participated in art and design events. But today he prefers to be more focused on his artistic production, painting murals and participating in exhibitions (only).

He already exhibited in some group exhibitions. In February 2011, he made his first solo show called AS VIRGENS, in his city, Porto Alegre. In May, he had his second solo exhibition, in Hostilno Rio De Janeiro called INSTINTO HOSTIL (Hostile Instinct).

To promote his artwork, Jotape is using his photo gallery on FlickR.

JOtape PAXStreetLove THE ART

Basically, he uses the streets as a main support. « I like abandoned places and large murals, but I’m producing on canvas and wood now. I want to improve my acrylic paint and also produce prints and posters. I’m on the way! »

In terms of inspiration, he likes female figures, the softness and the feelings that involve women. He is inspired with everyday life.

© Jotape PAX - Graffiti Brésil
© Jotape PAX – Graffiti Brésil

I have a reference to primitive art, Cordel Literature and Egyptian Art. I mix it all and I deposit in my art what I find most interesting

He remembers his first street art piece, it was in a skate park in 1999. He was riding his BMX and decided to get some paint and graffiti in a place he liked. « It was a good experience, and after that I never stopped »
He has no favorite size, he can do from XS to XXL!

JOtape PAX

JOtape PAXI have no idea about the number of pieces I have created.Thinking about interventions, murals and throw ups today I’ve lost count!

It’s possible to find his artwork in Chile, because in 2009 he attended an event there, the MURO POR LA PAZ, where he met Santiago and Valparaiso. Then in 2010, he went to Canada to participate in two festivals in Montreal, ESSENCIA FESTIVAL and Toronto, on MANIFESTO. He also went to Argentina, Uruguay and other cities in Brazil such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte and Florianopolis.
The next step is to leave some fine art in Paris!

I work independently, each piece is unique. But I have a character who is like my trademark, an insect with green eyes like a fly. I repeat that in many places, as an icon

His beginnings were with Graffiti, but he has done every type of intervention, collages and stickers are now one of his favorites.

Talking about the theme, he likes drawing people and animals.
« I make a connection with mystical characters and like to mix straight lines with organic figures »


He likes the walls. The different textures and formats. And he painted on other media more fun and to be more underground too.

JOtape PAX

JOtape PAX

JOtape PAXTo work he uses spray cans and acrylic.
He needs from 40 minutes to 4 hours or 4 weeks to realize a piece, depending on the size.

Any tips you can tell us?
Buy spray cans and use them all, until you finish!

StreetLove THE FUN

Jotape never leaves without music which makes him concentrate and some drinks which inspire him!His favorite color is a combination of black and white. He also likes gold.His artistic references are Picasso, Klimt, Osgemeos, Speto, Trampo, Amose, Herakut, and Pixação.In terms of music, he is listening to rap, raggaton, jazz, mpb, bossa nova and he likes watching documentaries.He always takes a photo of his pieces, whenever possible.

3 things Jotape loves in general: family, friends and walking in the streets.
3 things he hates: hate is not a good feeling!

A message for the StreetLove team?
Thanks for supporting the street art and admire this manifest and spread throughout the world. Thank you for consideration and for recognizing my work despite being so far away. Thanks for the space and attention