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Ella & Pitr

Ella @ Pitr

Ella & Pitr, a couple of street artists from St Etienne are working on lots of street project, like « photo frames » or also « BIG charcaters » to be discovered now!

Jinks Kunst

Jinks Kunst

Jinks was firstly interested in music and rap culture before straing creating stencils. From Switzerland, the artist customized qround 500 road signs around Europe.

Otto Schade

Otto Schade

Otto Schade is from Chile but lives in London, where we first saw his art pieces – in Shoreditch area. But he has also painted 2 pieces on Rue de Verneuil in Paris as a …


Manyoly is a french self-taught artist who lives in Marseille (read our 10 good reasons to fly to Marseille), south of France and she is now involved in street art since 2015. To mention, she …


ZOO Project

The artist Bilal Berreni, known as Zoo Project was found dead in July 2013 in Detroit – USA (aged 23). His drawings spilled out of his sketchbook and onto the street, which became his playground. …