SETH globepainter

SETH Globepainter

Walking randomly in the streets of the 13th district in Paris, we discovered nice murals painted by SETH, the French street artist who traveled the world to learn different techniques to then bring them home, for our pleasure!

SETH, or Julien Malland his real name, started doing graffiti in the 90’s before travelling the world and more precisely to Asia (China, India, Cambodia…) and the US doing collaboration work with local artists.

He also took part in the great annual parisian event called Les Lézards de la Bièvre, organized for years in Paris 13th district (each year, early June).
He did a huge mural on 2 rue Deslandres – 75013 Paris.

Each time, Les Lézards de la Bièvre invite artists and give them the right to do what they want, to paint all over a ‘parcours’ in the district, from an artist workshop to another. Then, passers-by can walk the course, discovering new street art pieces. I remember 2012 with Philippe Baudelocque, 2011 with Dacruz, and 2001 the first year, with the famous Miss.TIC.

SETH is mainly a painter, an illustrator, a photo reporter, a traveller, an editor… and he loves to be open to others and to practice on the streets. To know about his travels, go read his book « Globe Painter » published in 2003 which tells more about his personal story.

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