MIMI the Clown

MIMI The Clown

For the occasion of the opened artists doors organised in Lille – his home city – we went specially to meet MIMI The Clown (and The Dude Company). So to make sure we had the opportunity to have some time with them – we contacted him previously and book kind of appointment for a coffee and a nice talk. I remember it was a very cold saturday but we had a very warm welcome by Miguel aka MIMI the Clown in his workshop. He has moved out since in another one.

MIMI the ClowN is a stencil artist we really like – his clown are just awesome to chatch up with on the streets. It makes us smile big each time!

He is painting his vision of life and of the world through is clown character and is intentionally militant.

He is a serious candidate at the presidential election – Super Mimi – and goes on a electoral campaign with carrots in hands when it’s time to claim that he is the best to be the next president for France. Indeed, a clown gonna be elected, so why not him?

I imagine that MIMI the Clown was hearing the famous song by the band Joan Jett & the Blackhearts when he created and pasted the next pieces…

I love rock’n’roll
so put another dime in the juke box, baby.
I love rock’n’roll
so come on take your time and dance with me.

He must have had such an energy to paste all his pieces all over Paris, well mostly in the Marais and around Montmartre…
Music is not even a pastime he likes, he never played guitar or any instrument but just LOVES listening to music.

Early 2014, MIMI the Clown did ‘Le MUR’ in the 11th district of Paris, on a windy and rainy shitty day, but he arrives to put up a nice piece on the big wall. Always cool to see MIMI in action! Inspired by the circus, he pasted a background full of red stars encircled by lights and his clown character playing the guitar. The final visual is asking passers-by ‘is it only rock n’roll?‘ so if you have the answer, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think!
He was the 157th artist to paint on this wall since 2007 (107 Rue Oberkampf – 75011 Paris – www.lemur.asso.fr).

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