K'nar Birdy Kids

K’nar Birdy Kids

Behind the Birdy Kids, there is a crew composed by Gautier, A.E.M and Guillaume, so 2 parisians and a guy from Lyon. Together, they claim a clean art, which suits well with the 2nd district of Lyon, or the Marais in Paris.

Their multicolored birds are normally located in Lyon, East of France.
The crew K’nar is not missing humor at all. Street art is more than art and a work, it’s definitely a passion.

You can find some of their work around Lyon, their home town and also in Madrid, Rome or London and in Paris!
We were lucky to find some of their pieces arounbd the Marais, back in 2012 when they had their exhibition in a local gallery. So we went to meet them in person…

I found a nice interview of the crew on the great site FatCap.

For more info, check out their Facebook page Birdy Kids!